celestial energies

Artist Talk with Andi Dakin // Sunday 19th October

An open invitation for all who may be interested, free entertainment

Andi Dakin will be giving an illustrated talk about his work as an artist explaining where his ideas come from, and discussing ‘Celestial Energies’ the work on display in the Kingston Art Group Gallery.

The exhibition opens Saturday 4th October and runs until Sunday 26th October – 12pm until 4:30pm.

Dakin’s paintings and prints explore the similarities between microscopic life forms and the dramatic energies of the Infinite Universe. He uses materials and processes that simulate frozen moments of invertebrate activity, which can also illustrate speculations of the birth and destruction of galaxies.

His sculptures have an ambiguity, are they, information gathering inter-stellar satellites, vehicles for deep space travel? Or are they acknowledgements of our blue planet marine life beauty? Whatever they are they convey intrigue through their inventive component assemblage, their thoughtfully considered form, texture and colour, their vulnerability as fragile objects may hint at the very temporary nature of life and the small stake that earth dwellers have in the context of space, infinity and eternity.

The drawings bring an alternative rich and textural variation to the compositions of his celestial etchings, bringing his speculations of the universe into the solid realm of the terrestrial.

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