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Andi Dakin • Kingston Art Group

Andi Dakin


I work enthusiastically across a range of media and disciplines. My realisations are colourful and mischievous; they are in many ways extensions of my playful self.

My motivation and ideas come from a range of starting points; they can be led by the process and media, or by inspirational subject matter. When engaging with a theme and making a series of works, I try to be open minded, sustaining an awareness of developmental potentials.

The simple Polyps and Zygotes that are easy to view and be entertained by at The Deep Submarinum in Hull, have been a great recent source of inspiration. Invertebrates are champions of great beauty, with their refined forms and surface qualities of texture and colour, their dance, their secretions, their simple and practical features. Each unique life form is an example of breathtaking design.

My work does not replicate or compete with its inspirational starting points. I merely borrow, process and celebrate. I work with the forces of science and nature to evolve tributes to these simple life forms. The images grow out of a fusion of my interpretive response, a design instinct and chance.

Although playful the images in my prints and paintings are restrictively contained, like specimens isolated for assessment. I work my images right up to the edge of my printing plates and to the boundaries of the surfaces on which I paint. My own creatures appear to have much less space to move than their musing cousins in their aquaria compounds.


Born 1956, Rochdale, Lancashire

1972-74 Rochdale College of Art
1974-77 Sheffield City Polytechnic
1977-78 Edinburgh College of Art

One Person Exhibitions
1984 ‘River Policeman and Other Friends’, Posterngate Gallery, Hull.
1985 ‘River Policeman and Other Friends’ (take two) Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh.
1990 ‘ Dogs and Fish and Other Things’ Eastthorpe Gallery, Mirfield, West Yorkshire.
1991 ‘Surfing Dogs Jumping Fish and Other Mischief’, Scarborough Art Gallery
1991 Down the Chimney, Through the Wall and Out of the Window.’ Art’s Alive, Priory Gatehouse, Worksop.
1994 ‘Sweeping Step Broom Spot n Bristle, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
1995 ’59 Step Ladders’ Gallery 59, Sobriety Project, Waterways Museum, Goole.
1998 ‘Bert’s Magic Firework and other sculpture’ Shop installation. Princes Quay, Hull
1999/2000 ‘ Altered ‘ A Millennium Show at Gallery 59, Waterways Museum Goole.
2010 ‘Geodes, Zygotes and Pretty Polyps’ H.S.A.D. Hull
‘Further Geodes, Zygotes and Pretty Polyps’ the Long Gallery Park Street Hull
‘Geodes, Molluscs, Pods and Polyps’ Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery, Malton

Selected Group Exhibitions
1982 ‘Machinations’ 3 man shows, Lowestoft Arts Centre and Lincoln College.
1986 ‘Something to Smile About’, 3 Man show, Lincoln.
1987 ‘Sculpture in Scarborough’, Scarborough Art Gallery and Scarborough Castle.
1989 ‘From Wall to Floor’ Kingston Art Group Show, Harding House, Lincoln.
‘Art From 3 Floors’ Kingston Art Group Studios, Hull.
1990 ‘Hold It’. Kingston Art Group Studios, Hull College
‘Down the Snakes and Up the Ladders’, the Pearoom, Heckington, Lincolnshire.
‘Art at the Bank’, K.A.G. Exhibition at Midland Bank, Lowgate, Hull.
1991 ‘White Walls, Warehouse Works’ Kingston Art Group Studios.Hull.
‘Kingston Art Group and Hull Artists,’ Regional Arts Board Offices, Dewsbury.
‘5th Humberside Printmaking Competition: A Change of image’. Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, Arts Council Gallery, Belfast.
1991 ‘On Show 4’ Usher Gallery Lincoln.
1992 ‘Kingston Art Group’ Scunthorpe Gallery and Scarborough Gallery.
1993 ‘Kingston Art Group Exhibition , Studios Hull.
1994 ‘Kingston Art Group, Praxis, Gallery Bristol.
1995 ‘Kingston Art Group at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
‘Sages Paddock’ Group Exhibition in Somerset.
1996 ‘Kingston Art Group Exhibitions in Hull and The Boilerhouse, Lancashire.
1997 ‘Structure and Energy, Andi Dakin and Geoff Keen at Goole.
1998 ‘Kingston Art Group’, at Diorama, London. Steep Hill, Lincoln. Quay Art, Hull.
1999 ‘Kingston Art Group’ studio exhibition.
2000 ‘Kingston Art Group’ studio exhibition.
2001 ‘Quay Art Team’ exhibition at Princes Quay.
2005 ‘Staff Exhibition’, at Hull School of Art and Design.
2007 Artlink Mini-Print, Hull,’ In Print’, at Hull University Gallery , Ropewalk Gallery Barton , Open Print Show.
2008 ‘Royal Academy Summer Exhibition’, London . A1 Open Show at Station Gallery, Richmond. Staff Exhibition, Hull School of Art and Design. Artlink Mini-Print exhibition Hull.
2009 Ferens Art Gallery Open Exhibition Hull. ‘In Print ‘ Hull University Gallery. Kingston Art Group 20th Anniversary Exhibition’ at the Artlink Gallery Hull.
Art and Design Staff Exhibition, The Long Gallery, Park Street, Hull.
2010 Kingston Art Group at Hull School Of Art and Design, Hull.
‘In Print’ Hull University Gallery, Hull. Ferens Art Gallery Open Exhibition Hull.
2011 Kingston Art Group at Humber street Group show Gallery Eleven. Staff Exhibition H.S.A.D. Hull

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