Andy Pea


I try to create disturbingly beautiful images. Balanced between truth and invention, the work offering the possibility for a narrative, and a meaning but remaining indefinable.

Working with a selection of media and disciplines to create my practice, my default mode is to paint (having worked commercially as a decorative artist/painter for nearly 20 years), however the constructions that are created by myself to paint, now take on a life of there own and have become resolutions to ideas and concepts, leading my practice (playfully) into the world of installations and sculpture.

Using my studio as a playground for ideas and with my ‘magpie’ aesthetic I celebrate the ornate, the decrepit and the manufactured, producing paintings that grow into installations.

Images and ideas are appropriated from the world around me, and then transforming them through photo shop, collage and manipulating, no media or genre are free from my pillage.



Solo Exhibition
‘Space is the Place’
Humber Street Gallery

Ferens Open Exhibition


Kingston Art Group Show
‘Leaving Caroline’
The Gallery Humber Street


Triton gallery, Sledmere House,
Collaborative Exhibition

The Carnival exhibition
The Gallery, Kingston Art Group, Humber Street

The Freedom exhibition,
The Gallery, Kingston Art Group, Humber Street

The Clipper exhibition
The Gallery, Kingston Art Group, Humber Street,


Old Codes New Chaos, Triton Gallery, Sledmere House,
Collaborative exhibition of emerging and established artists

20 Years Old and Not Getting Any Younger, Art Link, Princes Avenue Hull
Kingston Arts Group Exhibition.

:untitled, Yorkshire Coast College, Scarborough
Group BA(Hons) Degree Show Exhibition
(Receiving Tutors award)

Ferens Open Exhibition, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Open exhibition, selected by Bohemia Galleries

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