Cath Cassidy


I use art as an escape from the grind. Bits of my brain, usually over used, are allowed to rest and the world of imagination takes control (sometimes). I only paint or sculpt ideas that I enjoy looking at myself, so stick adamantly to the medium of ‘rock’ and ‘water’.

I use printing techniques, dribbling with household paint, as well as conventional brush strokes on plywood or canvas, which I then finally treat with sandpaper or Brillo-pads, to soften the result.

I rather like aging work – anything that looks as if it has been retrieved from the earth or sea – and I tend to alternate between the abstract interpretations of rock and water to representations of recognisable images. Life is intrinsically a moving feast represented by my chosen images. Water moves according to wind, weather, and geographical context. Rocks move imperceptibly through erosion and ground movement.

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