Jon Keen


It has only taken ten years but I am finally back to the beginning! I moved to Hull to join KAG in 2000, after completing my degree at Falmouth. Sadly I stopped painting and have only recently started to feel like a proper painter again.

I rejoined KAG at the end of 2012 and I have been enjoying finding my way back. A fresh start and perspective towards my working practice has been a really challenging experience. I have been focusing on destroying all the old boundaries that used to stop me really enjoying making work. Starting with no fixed ideas is not as easy as I presumed and it has taken nearly a year to create an idea of what it is that I want to paint and create and why?

The images on this page are the first successful paintings I made and created the foundation that I have been building on. Although they’re abstract I have been developing a free figurative style based on the how these images were made.

At the moment I am focusing on building a body of work for an exhibition at KAG in November 2016.

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