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Sally Tebb • Kingston Art Group

Sally Tebb


My work is influenced by the Holderness landscape and whenever I return from a city holiday it is the big skies and wide open spaces that inspire me.

Painting for me is very often a meditative and quite spiritual experience.

I see the footprint of prehistoric man in the physical landscape and can sense the energies past and present that exist within and around us. My work attempts to abstract the physical and temporal layering in the landscape and the further layer of subtle energies beyond this. I use layering techniques to augment this; collage, multiple layering of paint and pastels and with my drawings I use semi-opaque paper so that you can see beyond the marks

The multi-layering has a temporal aspect to it and although this may seem very mechanistic my actual colouring and mark making is much more intuitive and is a drawing out of experiences past and present from my unconscious.

The initial marks I make influence those that follow and so I am working as an abstract expressionist. However my work has a representative element to it and I would describe myself as an abstract representationalist.

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