Cath Cassidy - Rock and Water // 3-28 May 2014

Cath Cassidy • Rock and Water // 3-28 May

Kingston Art Group warmly invites you to the opening night of:

‘ROCK AND WATER’ – installations and Paintings by Cath Cassidy

Saturday May 3rd 2014 7-9pm
KAG Gallery, 26-27 Humber Street

Open Saturdays and Sundays thereafter from 12-4pm until Sunday 28th May.

KAG Gallery presents an exhibition that concentrates upon primal landscapes that
explore the rawness and evolution of natural forms. The work uses stark images of
rock and water in various ways.

There are four different approaches to the Primal theme within the Exhibition:

The first section comprises large torn panels, representing ancient artefacts, which
could have been thrown up by the sea or excavated from the earth and then
reassembled. The second section provides a more sculptural approach to the
theme in an attempt to incorporate dark, ancient notions within everyday objects.

The remainder of the exhibition includes paintings that aim at a more tranquil
perception of the evolving landscape and prints that highlight some of the pattern
contained in the larger pieces.

Cath worked in Primary Art Education in Liverpool, using Art as Therapy, and then
as a Local Authority Officer within Child Protection. She studied (BA hons) Fine Art
at Scarborough College, and has been a member of KAG for over a year. This is
her first solo show.

A Family workshop will be run to coincide with the show, see our website for
further details ( or see our Facebook page ‘Kingston
Artgroup’. We hope to see you there!

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