THIS FRIDAY….@KAG Hoc // We’re all Queer

To coincide with LGBT50, Weymesworld’s very personal show “We’re all Queer” doesn’t necessarily only make allusions to sexuality. It nods to the notion that things and people that are referred to as queer, are the things that artist Paul Weymes has always gravitated towards.

This exhibition includes rare footage from early 80’s drag shows at Hull’s Silhouette club, and clips from some of Weymesworld’s cult Youtube films starring “Cookie and Ida” such as “Emery Berd” and “Ferty Ferr”.

Queer things about Paul:

Hates the Olympics apart from the clay pigeon shooting; hates football; loves crossroads; gets excited about McDonald’s happy meal toys; has three beauty baths a day; loves Jobriath; loves Sparks; loves Little House on the Prairie; doesn’t understand barbecues; doesn’t care about winning; if you’re even slightly queer he will probably warm to you; he could be Doreen Depression.

Be warned though, it’s not all sunshine and balloons.

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