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Upcoming // Me, Myself & I • Kingston Art Group


me, myself and i - jon keen

Upcoming // Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I will be Jon Keen’s first solo exhibition at the KAG gallery.

The show will build on a new body of work, the result of a series of experiments Jon has tested over the last several years.

Jon states, “My work reflects my life, thoughts and feelings. The process of making the work and speculating with the outcome is as important, if not more important, than the work itself. Playing with the visual elements I have always pursued, such as; colour, pattern, symbols, graffiti and the microscopic world. The maze motif provides a framework for me to map my way through a painting. Record an event pictorially or create a representation of an experience, thought or feeling.

Although abstract figurative elements may sometimes be included, a key theme in my work is exploring the idea of choice. I am deeply disturbed by the choices we make and the effect those choices have on others. I am presently considering the notion that choice is an illusion, which I like but also feel completely terrified about in equal measure. Life is a series of choices that define and shape our lives”.

Jon will be running a different workshop each weekend for visitors to enjoy and participate in whilst visiting the show. 

The private view event will be filmed for an exciting upcoming project and the mighty Bud Sugar will be keeping the crowds aurally entertained.


‘ME, MYSELF & I’ runs from 26th November until 18th December at Kingston Art Group Gallery – Humber St, Hull.

PRIVATE VIEW – FRI 25th NOVEMBER // 6:30 onwards

Open SAT & SUN from 12 – 4pm

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