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Upcoming // Constructive Criticism – June 2017 • Kingston Art Group


Upcoming // Constructive Criticism – June 2017

Show Runs from June 10th – July 2nd
Open Friday 1-6pm & Saturday/Sunday 11:30-5pm

“Constructive criticism is an exhibition of brand new paintings by three well regarded Hull painters celebrating both individual experience and a shared love of colour, intuitive decisions and expressive mark making.”

In parallel to the exhibition they plan to experiment with the notion that an intent or purpose of something is occasionally better served by an alternative approach and intend to create some collaborative works that experiment with authorship, ego, painterly preciousness & incompleteness which may identify common ground but will certainly reflect the influence of being in the same studios, the trust in one another’s intentions and willingness to share experience.

Having studied and exhibited in countries such as China, Germany and America, Jamie Gibson is no stranger to changing scenery. His work is a true expression of form, composition and colour. “the world we live in is chaotic, I like to capture that in my paintings, we all move so fast its hard to truly appreciate our surroundings, we have to all get somewhere as soon as possible and we forget to really look around.” Painting mostly from memory and small sketches; Jamie’s paintings reflect the high energy, movement and chaotic nature of todays society.

Matt Midwood is a familiar name among the Hull and Yorkshire art scene and specializes in creating expressive compositions, intimate and complimentary spaces using an eye for juxtapositions of shape, colour, depth and geometry as well as a refined skill with the brush. “I make decisions, compose, paint over things that don’t work and try not get too precious about things that do, I am a landscape painter, but its not intentional, and in this show I am trying to resist this, focusing on the intention of each mark or gesture”

Geoff Keen is another well known Painter around these parts, His paintings invite curiosity and capture audiences imaginations with their bold, colourful compositions sprawling across the canvas. Intended to “consolidate a feeling for life” Geoff Keens imagery reflects the energy and hustle- bustle life of the modern city. We expect a variety of scales and medium to be used in this collection as Geoff has already admitted; “The scale is greatly reduced and I have increasingly, but not exclusively, experimented with watercolour and gouache alongside larger works in acrylic.”

However these Artists go about their business in the studio, the show promises to be an explosion of raw expression, energy and life brought to Humber Street. A collaborative effort between three painters who’s dialogue and joint reflections have inspired one another’s approach to painting… Not to be missed.

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