Upcoming // FLOW – Aug 2017

Opening 12th August

The Flow exhibition represents 2 artists who have very different responses to both landscape and its depiction. Susan Beaulah’s paintings expose the often-overlooked quiet corners of specific landscapes, whether it is market stalls and workers in the fields of South India or, as for this exhibition, hidden views along the banks of the River Hull. She transforms what are often mundane scenes into images full of light, colour and life. Jayne Jones uses industrial paints and resins, allowing these materials to interact on the surface of the canvas, creating reactions which mimic natural phenomena. Often fractal in appearance the images can suggest microscopic cell structures, through to the landscape undergoing gradual transformation into glacial layers or rock strata. For this exhibition, she has produced a large scale, immersive work based on the experience of looking onto the surface of water, in response to Susan’s intimate oil paintings of the river Hull.

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