Upcoming // Urban Archaeology Liberated – July 2017

PREVIEW // Friday 7th July 2017

GALLERY OPEN // 8th – 30th July, Friday 1-6pm & Saturday/Sunday 11:30-5pm

A Sculpture Exhibition from two Kingston Art Group studio members which invites you to witness a different approach to the presentation of archaeological specimens. Simon Drury and Andi Dakin both work in a sculptural tradition using salvaged objects and materials.
Both Artists are often unsure about what their final idea resolve will be until the work is concluded; the Artists believe the works in this exhibition have reached a stage where they can be revealed to an audience. Occasionally the objects that are at the heart of each sculpture can be obscured and at other times they are amplified and celebrate their new roles.
The Artwork is loaded with fun and intrigue; you will be entertained, baffled and bewildered and this is set to be an Art Exhibition that will uplift and refresh your inner being.

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