Anna Bean - Welcome Back to the Monkey House

‘Welcome Back to the Monkey House’ by Anna Bean // 3rd-26th July

Anna Bean will be showcasing her work at the Kingston Art Group Gallery.

Her atmospheric photographs, graphically astute prints and theatrical environments lure you into a world of burlesque enchantment and colourful psychosis.

Her intrigue-loaded images are speculations of truth and absurdity, they are informed by existing folklore and historical characters that wander into the world of dreams and disconnected realities, often paying homage to great works by other artists.

Anna Bean’s rich colour saturated photographic prints are mounted in opulent gilded Rococo frames packaging her images in a reassuringly familiar museum tradition, which amplifies the often dark spirit of Victorian showmanship.

An intrigue loaded exhibition on Humber Street, a show packed with entertainment and conundrums.

An owl and pussy cat take tea, two sad clowns pose as characters from a Beckett play, kangaroo cub scouts fused at the wrist, the intrigue of twins and the power of wall paper are just some of the fascinations in this humanoid menagerie collected from the margins of bizarre sub-cultures

Roll up, roll up,

‘Welcome Back to the Monkey House ‘

Free entertainment for your delectation — visit early, you will want to go back.

Opening times
12 noon till 5.00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 4th July until 26th July 2015

Private View
6.00pm – 9.00pm Friday 3rd July

Anna’s website –

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