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‘Wet Paint’ by Matt Midwood and Jamie Gibson // 7-30 Nov • Kingston Art Group


wet paint // 7-30 Nov 2014

‘Wet Paint’ by Matt Midwood and Jamie Gibson // 7-30 Nov

Kingston Art Group warmly invites you to the opening night of:

‘Wet Paint’ – A show dedicated to Paint, Composition, Texture, Tone and mark making

November 7th 7-9pm @ KAG Gallery, 26-27 Humber Street, Hull until November 30th 2014

Hull artists Jamie Gibson and Matthew Midwood join forces to bring you an exhibition that demonstrates painting in its purest form. This exhibition of raw energy and vivacity is a feast for the eyes and Kingston Art Group Gallery on Humber Street in Hull provides the perfect setting for these two local painters to showcase their work.

Having studied under renowned American painters Frank O’Cain and Mark Safan as well influential Swiss painter Hans Witchi at the Art Students League in New York; Jamie became wrapped up in the bright lights, sounds and smells of the city. This is evident in the expressive confident mark making techniques and push-pull dynamic that certainly suggest no lack of movement, energy and understanding of how to use the paint and compose an image.

“I work in layers, and in very quick bursts of energy, It’s a long process is painting, but worth every second. I never have a ‘game plan’ I never know what my painting will look like, I just react to how I feel and what’s going on around me. For example; the weather directly affects my colour palette whereas emotion will ultimately affect the texture and marks on the canvas…”

Matthew’s new paintings are bold, striking and confident compositions that continue the themes of intuitive marks, visual and unconscious memory celebrated in his series of cloud studies featured in his 2013 exhibition ‘work’.

“I paint quickly and intuitively until everything is where it is supposed to be…they are not representations, but of things that look real to me.  The outcome must be convincing in the sense that the intention to make a mark, or area of colour is unconscious.  How I feel about it after I have applied the paint tells me if its right or not”

In spite of the different outcomes, both Matthew and Jamie share common ground; a love of abstraction, colour, form, brush work and composition. It will be interesting to see how these paintings react to one and other in the gallery, but one thing is for sure; there will be no lack of energy on the walls of the Kingston Art Group Gallery on Friday November 7th.

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